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The Garden


The Villa has a private garden of more than 1,500 square meters overlooking the lake, where guests can enjoy beautiful views of Comacina Island, Lake Como and its mountains.

Guests can access the lake through a side door from the lawn or by using an iron staircase, lowering it as if it were a drawbridge: a unique way to provide easy access while ensuring privacy.


The lawn includes many olive trees, some of which are centuries old: this plant represents the typical vegetation on this side of Lake Como so much so that this area is called Zoca dell'Oli ("Oil Basin"), both for the particularly calm lake (lays within a basin) and the abundance of olive trees.

In front of the Villa, a secular cypress proudly displays its impressive size, providing shade and cool during the hottest hours of the day. High perimeter hedges guarantee the privacy of our guests.


The yard includes two uncovered parking spots in a reserved area.

It also features a private boat slip and buoy for the exclusive use of the Villa.




Villa Silvia
via Statale, 76 - 22010 Tremezzina - Ossuccio (Como) - Italy                                                                                          DIRECTIONS  +39 334 645 37 17                                                                                                            Privacy & Cookies Policy

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