Via Statale, 76 - 22010 Tremezzina - Ossuccio (Como) - Italy      

Lombardy Region CIR: 013252-CNI-00384



The Villa

Built entirely in beautiful handcrafted stone blocks in the early 1900s, the Villa was carefully renovated in 2015, enhancing its understated and elegant personality.


Ancient charm and contemporary style blend with skill and charm: local stone walls coexist with modern finishes and furnishings with a modern and cosmopolitan touch, restoring the original uniqueness to the spaces. The project bears the signature of the eclectic homeowner and the innovative Italian design brand, LAGO, which has created welcoming, functional, and harmonious environments.



Installations, furnishings, and finishes combine aesthetics and functionality thanks to new materials and the latest technologies. The high-tech interiors divide the space into two areas: a bright living area characterized by clean lines, subdued colors, and elements of emotion like the original stone fireplace, and the sleeping area, a mix-match of colors that adds dynamism and grit to the rooms.


A vocation for hospitality, well-being, conviviality, and the pleasure of the warmth of home: this is the soul of Villa Silvia.


The direct lakefront location with private pier, mooring, and buoy, the modular and minimal interiors, and the exclusive services offered will make your stay unforgettable. Even the most demanding and detail-oriented clientele will find in Villa Silvia a perfect environment where the beauty of the places is enhanced by the comforts and services that only a prestigious villa can offer.